“We Are Going To Fundamentally Change America”

“We Are Going To Fundamentally Change America”


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Remember that quote, when our now president said  on the campaign trail, “We are going to fundamentally change America.”  When every word he uttered was greeted with shouts and cheers from the crowds who treated him like a rock star? Well, I wonder if his fans are still ready to cheer him on today and if so, why?

When he said fundamentally change America, did anyone have an idea of how radical  that change was going to be? If not, you should have been. Your next clue should have been when he state, “We will change America, we will change the world” Arrogance? Maybe, but also someone with an agenda that does not include keeping America the way we know it. Or how about when he said, “We are not a Christian nation.” Did any of these statements not bother the American people and if it they did not, why?


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