Dr. Ben Carson Responds To Toure, Critics: I Am Not An “Uncle Tom”

DR. BENJAMIN CARSON: “If you don’t have anything useful to say you attack people. If you feel your house of cards has been discovered and is starting to come unraveled, you become very desperate. You know, intelligent people tend to talk about the facts, they don’t sit around and call each other names. That’s what you can find on a third grade playground, and this is something we need to move beyond in this country and let’s have a real discussion about the real facts. If somebody disagrees, let’s talk about why they disagree, let’s talk about the pros and cons. Let’s see if we can find some accommodation, but to sit around and act like third graders is nonproductive.”


One thought on “Dr. Ben Carson Responds To Toure, Critics: I Am Not An “Uncle Tom”

  1. Invisible Mikey

    I have a hard time respecting any doctor who would consent to participate in political speeches if they have no professional position related to it, like Surgeon General. He’s not running for office. Why isn’t he concentrating on his more meaningful work? I don’t care if he’s an “Uncle Tom” or a Black Panther in his non-professional capacity. He should be operating to save and help children. That’s where his God-given gifts are!


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